Low Voltage Alarm Indicator

Low Voltage Alarm Indicator

  • Flashes to indicate fence has dropped in voltage below 2000
  • Flashes red when Voltage below the correct level (2 settings).
  • Easily attaches to your electric fencing wire, braid or tape (no earth connection needed)
  • Runs on 1 x CR2016 battery

The Strainrite Low Voltage Alarm Indicator is an invaluable ‘alarm’ for showing when there has been a drop in the voltage through the fence.

This small, lightweight unit simply clips into the fence line and the red light will flash if the voltage drops below the correct level (2 settings). It also serves to remind you, from a distance, whether the fence is on or not.

It has an off switch, and a high and low switch depending on the type of fence it is monitoring. We recommend using the low setting for any electric netting and polywire, and the high setting for others such as tape or galvanised wire.

The Low Voltage Alarm which starts flashing when the voltage drops below 2000 (As opposed to the Clip-on Indicator Flasher flashes a green light with each pulse and stops flashing when fence voltage drops below 3000 volts).

Tip: Hang it near to where the power goes into the fence. Works best on tape or rope.

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