Contractor Jenny 5 Stacker Conversion Kit

Contractor Jenny 5 Stacker Conversion Kit

Available End of August 2021

Convert your Contractor Quad Jenny or Quad Jenny Trailer for efficient simultaneous dispensing of 5 wires.  Designed for efficient commercial applications.

Contractor Model Wire Jenny Rotors
Twin Roller Bearing Assembly & cast hub with adjustable friction nut.

Swing Over Arm Design
Features swing arm design for easy individual rotor reloading. Designed for dispensing 1000m Coils in all conditions.

Galvanised Steel Construction
Hot dipped galvanized steel for enhanced corrosion protection and increased durability for a longer service life.

New Zealand Made
Proudly 100% New Zealand designed and manufactured, ensuring leading technology and premium quality

Compatible with FWJ00340 & FTJ00020 Only

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