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1900mm Strainer Board – Wedge Clamp

  • Press formed steel strainer board
  • Compatible with most mesh, hinged & ring joint netting
  • Features the Wedge clamp design
  • Overall height – 1900mm (75″)

NOTE: Strainer boards are glavanised finish, not gold passivated as shown.

Bahco Wire Cutter

  • High performance handles with superior grip
  • Induction-hardened precision cutting edges
  • Forged with cutting edges for piano, hard and soft wire
  • High leverage giving exceptional cutting performance with minimum effort
  • Scalloped jaw design
  • Made in Spain

Bayco Wire (non electric) Horse Sighter Wire

  • 4mm (5/32”) diameter High density and high visibility
  • Stretches under impact, minimising potential injuries
  • Ideal for vertical ladder wires on irrigator crossing points
  • Temperature, weather, rust & chemical resistant
  • Polymer mono-filament = contains no metal
  • High strength 316kg (696lbs) breaking strain
  • Commonly used as non-electric horse sighter wire & horticultural trellis

Drop Pin Wire Strainer

We are proud to be the only NZ manufacturer of permanent wire strainers

  • Traditional ratchet and pawl mechanism
  • The pin can be locked out for freewheel action
  • Oval hole in the spool for joining two wires
  • Ability to thread onto wire = less joins
  • Proudly NZ Made

Easy Wire Puller

  • Easily tie off/staple wire hands free!
  • Quick and easily tensions either fencing or netting wire around strainer posts
  • Smooth grip wire clamp prevents wire damage
  • Overall length approx 678mm (26″)
  • Handle Pipe Diameter 25.4mm

Fastlok Wire Joiners – Pottle of 20

  • For 2.50mm (12 1/2 gauge) High Tensile Wire
  • No tools required
  • Reusable
  • Pottle of 20

High Conductive Ally Clad Cable

  • Strainrite’s 2.6mm (7/64”) Aluminium clad wire has 4 times the conductivity of standard galvanized wire, meaning high power transmission with minimal loss
  • Now features 8.3mm (21/64”) extra heavy duty double coated red LDPE Polyethylene sheathing
  • Low resistance 8ohms / 1000m (3280’)

High Conductive Aluminium Coated Wire

  • Strainrite’s 2.6mm (7/64”) Aluminium clad wire has 4 times the conductivity of standard galv wire, meaning high power transmission with minimal loss.
  • Low resistance 8ohms/ 1000m (3280’)

Strainrite HT Wire Cutter

  • Induction-Hardened Precision Cutting Edges
  • Scalloped Jaw Design
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Max. 4mm (8 gauge) diameter hard wire

Care & Maintenance

  • The wire must be inserted square to the cutting edge
  • The wire should be cut at the back of the jaw. Not the tip.
  • Lubricate tool joints frequently, 3-in-One Multi Oil does a great job. If the tool has seized then soak overnight.

Strainrite Standard Wire Cutter

  • Lever action
  • Hardened cutting edges for up to 2.5 HT wire
  • Comfortable non-slip handles.
  • Overall length 205mm (8″)

Universal Ratchet Handle

  • Fits Strainrite and most common fence strainers
  • Spring Loaded Ratchet Pin
  • Gold Zinc Plating for increased corrosion protection
  • Use the handle to fit on the side lug for side straining